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Home Inspections in Leavenworth, Lansing, Basehor, Shawnee and Surrounding Areas

"A Quality Home Inspection Creates a Knowledgeable and Confident Buyer"  


Inspection Pricing


                                Residential Inspections  
Whole House Inspection up to 2,500 sqft $345
Whole House Inspection up to 4,000 sqft $395
Termite Inspection Residential $70
Radon Screening $125
                                 Package Pricing:   
Whole House, Termite, Radon 2,500 sqft        $500
Whole House, Termite, Radon 4,000 sqft  $550
                                 1 Year Warranty Inspection   
Previously inspected        $150
No prior inspection $250
                                  Lawn Sprinkler Inspection  
 w/Home Inspection                    $ 50
Stand alone Inspection $100
                                  Swimming Pool/Spa   
w/Home Inspection $ 50
Stand alone Inspection $125
                                 Accessibility Inspect & Recommendation    
Residential - House or Condo $300
                                  Moisture Intrusion Inspection    
Residential $150
                                  Sellers Listing Inspection   
Residential, with display stand in home and Copy of Report and 10 Summaries $345 up
                                  Stucco/EIFS Installation Inspection                     
Residential System Identification and Installation Inspection $250
                                   EIFS Moisture Analysis   
Residential Front wall only.  With report and recommendations $400
each additional wall/story with windows $150
                                   Light Commercial   
Storefront up to 5,000 sqft $650
Office Building free standing up to 5,000 sqft $750
Other call for bid  
                                   New Construction   
Residential  Call
Commerical Call
                                  Expert Witness Fees   
Inspection $450 up
Deposition/court Appearance - portal to portal/ hr $200
Deposition Prep/hr $100



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